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ANC councillor registered as indigent must pay back the money

The FF Plus, as a member of the Emfuleni Local Municipality’s Finance Committee, uncovered in an investigation into councillors who are behind with their municipal accounts that a certain ANC councillor has allegedly been registered as indigent for years.

The councillor was elected in 2016. Over the past seven years, he has been receiving discount on his property tax in addition to receiving the first 6 kl of water and 50 units of electricity for free.

Emfuleni residents must re-apply to qualify as needy every three years. It means that this councillor had re-applied at least twice to be placed on the indigent list.

It is an absolute disgrace that a councillor, who is generously compensated, did not remove himself from the list of needy residents after he was elected as councillor.

The FF Plus also blames Emfuleni’s accounts department for failing to realise that the councillor’s name was still on the list.

This list must urgently be audited to determine whether there are more such cases.

The FF Plus demanded in an urgent letter to the acting municipal manager of Emfuleni, April Ntuli, that the councillor must be removed from the list at once, and that the matter must be investigated.

If found guilty, the councillor must pay back all the property tax discounts for the last seven years to the Municipality, and be criminally charged.

The FF Plus will not allow councillors to urge residents to pay their municipal bills while they themselves fail to do so, or pretend to be needy.

This is yet another example of the ANC’s mismanagement of a Municipality where there is no political will to run it successfully.



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