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ANC buys votes with taxpayer’s money – FF Plus

“The ANC is buying votes for R140 million and it is being bankrolled by the taxpayer”, according to Jean Kriek, FF Plus youth leader in Gauteng. 

This follows the ANC’s announcement that it will be launching two new job-creation initiatives, Zivuseni Reload Program and UOWP.  The projects will focus on youth and people with disabilities that were previously disadvantaged and aim to create between 5 000 and 6 000 contract jobs.  The contracts will expire after 7 months. 

Kriek said the government is promising an unsustainable income to vulnerable people.  “The total spend on average on each of the 6 000 beneficiaries is approximately R23 000 over a period of 7 months.  This includes the 5 day induction, training and HIV-awareness programme. Thus, 50%  of the grand total  will be ploughed back into government coffers in the form of 'training expenses' as the average salary expected to be paid to an unskilled person amounts to about R1 610 per month or R70-00 per day."

“It is obvious that these initiatives are rather more of an election campaign strategy than a poverty alleviation project as claimed by the ANC.  The ANC is exchanging piece-jobs for votes that will be cast at the coming general election.  Taxpayers are thus sponsoring the ANC’s election campaign through the financing of the these contract worker’s salaries and are paying for services that should be rendered by municipalities”, Kriek said. 

According to Kriek the FF Plus Youth in Gauteng is strongly opposed to the initiatives. “The Premier of Gauteng should provide details about the employment options of the beneficiaries after the 7-month contracts have ended.  It would also be interesting to see whether the contracts conveniently expire after the day of the election in 2014”.

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