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ANC budget for Gauteng does not stimulate economic growth nor job creation

The Gauteng province's budget, which was announced earlier today, shows no urgency to grow the economy and create jobs against the backdrop of the ANC-created recession in which South Africa currently finds itself. There was also no attempt made to obtain clarity about the future of the e-toll system.

The largest part of the budget was allocated to social portfolios, like education and health. Both the Departments of Education and Health are notorious for poor service delivery, underspending and politicking for the benefit of the ANC government.

The departments that can contribute to government-created job opportunities and the establishment of a healthy economic environment, namely the Departments of Economic Development, Transport, Roads and Infrastructure, were allocated only the crumbs of the budget cookie.

It is ironic seeing as in her budget speech, Gauteng MEC for Finance, Nomantu Nkomo-Ralehoko, said that her first priorities are the economy, job opportunities and infrastructure.

The truth, however, is that the ANC once again proposed a socialist budget. No attempt was made to offer small to medium-sized enterprises, the biggest creators of jobs, any support. The budget could, for instance, have offered some kind of financial incentive to help these businesses to survive in the current difficult economic environment.

The budget lacks innovation, urgency and the realisation that the money used for social expenses is fast running out.

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