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ANC and EFF together destroying parliament

Between the ANC’s abuse of its majority to protect president Jacob Zuma and the EFF’s undertaking to bring a revolution to parliament, the highest platform for discussions in the country has nearly grinded to a halt, Dr. Corné Mulder, FF Plus chief whip, says.

Dr. Mulder had placed the blame squarely on these two parties during the debate on the repair of the reputation of South Africa’s parliament. With regards to the EFF, Dr. Mulder said the time has come for the salaries of this party’s members to be taken away due to their disruptions.

In his speech, Dr. Mulder referred to the current situation as the perfect storm which had already been created in the fourth parliament through the ANC’s attempts to protect president Zuma. The EFF could opportunistically exploit this situation for the purposes of its planned disruptions of parliament.

“The word parliament comes from the French word “parler” which means to talk. Here we must talk and try to bring each other to other insights through arguments. Not a place where people shout at each other and disrupt the process.

“The EFF is busy abusing democracy to destroy our constitutional democracy. It serves no purpose to throw them out every time. Touch their money if they do it again.

“The ANC created the problem. It was confirmed by the Constitutional Court which found that parliament had acted illegally in the Nkandla saga.

“The ANC government must realise parliament does not belong to the majority. It belongs to all parties which represent the people of South Africa,” Dr. Mulder said.


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