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Afrikaner women honoured; they set example for our future

Various crises in the Afrikaner history were overcome through the perseverance of Afrikaner women who stood up and took the lead time and again during critical times.

That was the central theme of the message that was delivered earlier today by Dr Pieter Groenewald, leader of the FF Plus, during Women’s Day celebrations at Koster in the North West.

According to Dr Groenewald, these women’s perseverance and strength became evident during the Groot Trek when the Afrikaners wanted to move away and out from under British rule. From time to time, when the Drakensberg mountains seemed like an unsurpassable physical obstacle, it was the women’s perseverance that inspired the men to carry on and overcome the mountains.

During the Anglo-Boer War (1899 to 1902), the women and children of the Afrikaner nation paid the ultimate price as approximately 34 000 perished in concentration camps due to suffering hardships like illness and famine.

The Women’s Memorial Monument that was erected in 1913 in Bloemfontein is a symbol of these women’s characteristic strength to overcome crises.

Today in modern times, there are still many women, including Afrikaner women, who take the lead in nearly every field and that inspire others to accomplish their ideals.

The FF Plus pays homage to these heroines who have always been an inspiration for men to create a better future for all.

Today, the Afrikaner nation once again finds itself in a crisis seeing as its language, history and future are under threat and under pressure.

Children are the future of any nation and once again it is the women who already play and who will continue to play a significant role in ensuring that our children’s upbringing instils in them a feeling of national pride. The FF Plus considers all women to be heroines and pays homage to each and every one of them on this special day.


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