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Freedom Front Plus

Act determines that ANC cadres must vacate municipal posts

The FF Plus will make sure that municipal officials who violate the Local Government: Municipal Systems Amendment Act are held disciplinarily accountable.

This legislation, which came into effect on 17 August, determines that no municipal employee or official may hold a political office.

The law was adopted in August 2022 already, but determined that employees who do hold a political office would be afforded a grace period of one year to resign from the said office.

This grace period has now lapsed. It is crucial that this legislation is strictly enforced.

The ANC, in particular, has over the years exploited loopholes in the legislation to implement its policy of cadre deployment, and secure the party’s grip on municipal resources and job opportunities.

Appointing senior ANC office-bearers in municipalities, regardless of their lack of qualifications, was at the order of the day.

Such actions inevitably led to unbridled corruption and the consequent decay of ANC-controlled municipalities countrywide.

Complying, or failure to comply, with this legislation will serve as a test for the ANC to determine whether the party will respect the country’s laws for once.

The FF Plus will keep fighting to restore clean governance and professional service delivery in municipalities.

South Africans deserve better than the ANC.



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