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Unchanging unemployment rate a sure sign of economic decline

The fact that the unemployment rate for the fourth quarter of 2019 remained unchanged at 29,1% is worrying, but what is even more worrying is that the percentage of people who have been unemployed for a year or longer has increased with approximately 60% over the last ten years.  

It is a clear sign of South Africa's economic decline brought about by poor governance and reckless policy directions.

These are the reasons why the number of despairing jobseekers, which has increased with 62 000 from the third to the fourth quarter of 2019, is still on the rise.

Poor economic growth and government policy, like expropriation without compensation, the National Health Insurance Bill, poor service delivery, load shedding and the collapse of local government are all factors contributing to the unemployment crisis in South Africa.

The Department of Labour whose mandate has been expanded to include job creation is, like the government, obviously not making any headway. We need change now more than ever before. The first priority should be ensuring a healthy economy. Without it, the unemployment rate will keep rising.




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