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Freedom Front Plus

Time for Zuma to pay the price for his misbehaviour

It is clear that former President Jacob Zuma is trying to play the martyr by refusing to give evidence before the Zondo Commission and he is openly defiant in saying that he would rather face prison time than testify.

By saying that the current dispensation is acting like the previous dispensation, he is playing the Apartheid card and needlessly raising the unrelated issue of Apartheid.

Zuma is attempting to politicize the matter and this will surely cause tensions within the ANC to spike. His statements will bring the faction fights within the ANC to a head.

If Zuma really is innocent, as he maintains, he can make things very easy for himself and the country by simply giving evidence before the Commission where he can prove his supposed innocence.

The FF Plus's view is that Zuma must be prosecuted and must go to prison if that is how he prefers to pay for the misdeeds that he is implicated in.

The taxpayers of South Africa have already paid a very high price for the former President's misbehaviour as he allowed tax money to be looted.

Thus, the time has come for him to pay as well.




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