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SA’s prominent exposure to BRICS and domestic problems could damage relations with the West

The ANC government’s position as a prominent member of BRICS, and its silent diplomacy on, among other things, the Russia-Ukraine war and the abuse of power in neighbouring countries, such as Zimbabwe, are not in the country’s best interests.

It reduces South Africa to a passenger on the ship of a power bloc which is openly hostile to the West and wants to position China at the head of a new power bloc opposing America and Europe.

President Xi Jingpeng of China is the driving force behind the expansion of the BRICS membership that will allow more countries to join.

It is simply a way of reinforcing his geopolitical power and establishing a larger coalition of developing countries, which will expand Beijing’s influence and set it against America while relations between China and America are currently strained.

Dysfunctional government departments, the collapse of local government that is supposed to support local trade and industry, Eskom’s inability to sustainably provide electricity supply, maladministration, corruption and state capture erode South Africa’s ability to compete.

There exists a real risk that South Africa’s established trade relations with its biggest trade partners in the West could be negatively affected if the relationship between the BRICS group, headed by China and Russia, and America as the most prominent role-player should break down.

Meanwhile, South Africa should get its own house in order to become a worthy and competitive role-player in Africa and the international trade arena.

The FF Plus is working towards replacing the ANC government in 2024 with a multi-party coalition that will get the country back on the right track after 29 years of ANC abuses.



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