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Freedom Front Plus

Malema clearly does not know the Afrikaner

The inflammatory and provoking remarks made yesterday by the leader of the EFF, Julius Malema, at the Israeli Embassy serve as proof that he clearly does not know white people and the Afrikaner. Afrikaners’ good manners and kindness must not be mistaken for weakness,” says Dr Pieter Groenewald, leader of the FF Plus.

“South Africa needs leaders that will remain cool, calm and collected at a time when emotions are running high. Remarks like Malema’s create racial tension and South Africa can’t afford that. His statements only go to show that he is a weak leader and he is a hypocrite on top of that. It was Malema who had previously encouraged lawlessness and told people to illegally occupy land.

“Afrikaners and white people will not allow Malema to take them in tow. They will not let him intimidate them or tell them what to do. It is their Constitutional right to march in protest and should Afrikaners and white people decide to march in protest, they will do it with dignity and by firmly taking a stand.

“The Black Monday protest marches, where people also prayed together, is a shining example of how to protest in a firm and yet dignified manner. Afrikaners don’t need to make a lot of noise with strong statements in order to make their point, dignified actions speak louder than words,” said Dr Groenewald.



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