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Government comes up against a brick wall regarding forced quarantine

The government has come up against the brick wall of the law due to its draconian regulations whereby it attempted to exert complete control over citizens' ability to choose to either self-isolate and self-quarantine or to be placed in a state facility after having tested positive for Covid-19.

Today's ruling by the North Gauteng High Court regarding forced quarantine clearly proves that people's rights can no longer be infringed upon by restrictive regulations and that the government has no right to force people to isolate or quarantine in state facilities.

Neither the government nor the Minister has the right or the authority to force an individual to quarantine at a state facility against his or her will, thus, people are free to choose to self-isolate if that is what they prefer.

The FF Plus supports the court's ruling. The ruling determines that an individual can successfully self-quarantine if the person has access to a separate room, which is not shared with anyone else. Such persons are still allowed to go to a health care facility if their condition worsens.

The FF Plus expects that the government's draconian regulations will be increasingly opposed and tested in court and that rulings like today's as well as others that were passed a few weeks ago regarding other quarantine facilities make it abundantly clear that the government is missing the mark with numerous Covid-19 related matters.

Today's ruling will also serve to relieve the pressure on existing Covid-19 facilities and that means that more beds will be available for urgent cases.



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