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FF Plus victory over ANC attempt to incorporate Rustenburg, Madibeng and Kgetlengrivier

The Municipal Demarcation Board (MDB) has officially announced that the ANC-driven attempt to incorporate the municipalities of Rustenburg, Madibeng (Brits and Mooinooi) and Kgetlengrivier (Koster, Swartruggens and Derby) into a metro has formally been abandoned.

The announcement follows the FF Plus’s comprehensive community campaign, which it launched in cooperation with various community organisations, to put an end to the incorporation. More than five thousand formal objections were submitted to the FF Plus in less than a week, which were, in turn, submitted to the MDB along with the party’s own comprehensive objection.

The FF Plus is the only party in the Rustenburg municipal council that voted against the proposed incorporation. The support that councillors from other parties demonstrated for the ANC’s proposal was most likely motivated by the fact that councillors in metros earn significantly more than those in Rustenburg, Madibeng and Kgetlengrivier do.

The FF Plus strongly objected to it, and pointed out that such a clumsy municipality will inevitably lead to further decay and the decline of service delivery.

This victory for the affected communities once again emphasises the importance of residents’ involvement in uniting behind issues that impact their future.

The FF Plus will keep fighting against self-serving attempts by the ANC and other parties to implement decisions at the expense of community interests.

The people of North West deserve better than the ANC.



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