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Freedom Front Plus

FF Plus remembers the women of the past and supports the women of the present

On National Women's Day, the FF Plus would like to honour and commend all the women of South Africa who have helped to build up this country and who are still doing so. Throughout history, women have always played a significant role in the country, even more so in the time of Covid-19 and in light of the serious attacks on women and children in the form of gender-based violence, which still plagues South Africa.

The theme for this year's National Women's Day is the realisation of women's rights for an equal future.

This theme will only come to full effect when the ANC starts to honour all women of South Africa and not just the ANC women. An equal future for all women in South Africa can only be made possible by ensuring equal opportunities, offering women true empowerment and abolishing quotas.

Throughout South Africa's history, women have been a major driving force to bring about change and improve the lives of all South Africans. This is still the case in 2021.

In a setting where revolutionary forces are trying to destabilise South Africa, the women of today must – just like the women of the past – act as a solid rock for the country. Women must set the example for our children, teaching them to respect each other's language, culture and the country on the whole.

That is why some of the women of the FF Plus in the Free State have decided to visit the National Women's Memorial in Bloemfontein on the 9th of August 2021 to pay homage to all the women who acted as solid rocks for South Africa despite difficult circumstances as well as those who are still doing so today.

The FF Plus will stand up for true equality for women and will keep fighting for equal opportunities for all women.



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