Freedom Front Plus
Freedom Front Plus

Election campaigns can now begin in earnest after the election date has been announced

The FF Plus welcomes the announcement of the election date of 29 May this year.

This brings more certainty for political parties to go full steam ahead with their planning for the election and to start running their election campaigns in earnest.

It also brings certainty to voters regarding their travel plans, among other things. Now that they know May 29 is the election date, they should keep in mind that they can only vote at the polling station where they are registered.

I appeal to voters who may be relocating to still make the necessary arrangements to vote. They can still register online to vote at the address where they will be on the 29th.

Registration can take place up to the proclamation of the election date. This date is not yet known, but it could possibly be by the end of this week or next week.

The registration of a voting address must therefore be done without further ado.

This certainty will kickstart the momentum among political parties, organisations and the public for the election which is of utmost importance for the future of South Africa.



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