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Freedom Front Plus

Department of Justice must realise that there can be no freedom without justice

There can be no freedom without justice. That is one of the FF Plus's mottos and the Department would do well to take note of it.

It is of the utmost importance that the Department and its various entities, the National Prosecuting Authority, the Information Regulator, the Legal Aid Board, the Special Investigating Unit (SIU), the Human Rights Commission (HRC) and the Public Protector (PP) all function properly.


Unfortunately, this is not the case in practice. These entities are characterised by underfunding, functioning below capacity, ineffective management and ineffective investigative work.


The SIU achieved only 17 out of 29, or 59%, of its targets for 2018/19; with regard to administration, 6 out of 12, or 50%, and for prevention 2 out of 6, or 33%. What is particularly worrying is the number of vacancies on the top and senior levels of management, which are 88% and 37% respectively.


The Office of the PP apparently only looks into high-profile cases, while there is a great number of other serious cases that are not being investigated.


Minister Ronald Lamoa's offer on behalf of the Department to help set aside the sentence and clear the criminal record of the convicted #FeesMustFall -student Kanya Cekeshe, creates the impression that justice is being diluted.

Even court buildings are no longer safe. Numerous court buildings are situated in high-crime areas and are not being maintained properly.

The current state of affairs is certainly not encouraging for the country's legal system and the FF Plus simply cannot support the Department's budget report for 2018/19.



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