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Debate on SOPA: Premier’s speech plays into election year

The ANC government of Limpopo was very careful in compiling its State of the Province Address (SOPA), which showed clear signs of it being an election year with the ANC seeking gold stars for delivering empty promises.

Apart from the usual references to the negative impact of colonialism and Apartheid, the Premier, Mr Stanley Mathabatha, did his utmost best to highlight vague achievements.

What stood out was the Premier’s failure to mention whether any meaningful progress has been made with the so-called “smart cities” or his previous promises of job creation.

Everything is failing under ANC rule.

In 2010, 80% of communities had access to clean water, but now only 69,1% do.

The FF Plus asked the Premier whether it is fair to expect pensioners in Limpopo to use their SASSA grants for buying drinking water after 30 years of democracy.

Despite the allocation of funds, various areas, such as the Vhembe District, have been denied this basic right for years.

The initial budget of R90 million sky-rocketed to a staggering R4,1 billion, with no notable improvement in the situation.

In addition, the Human Rights Commission (HRC) has confirmed that it instituted legal action after the FF Plus lodged a complaint.

The province is facing a critical water crisis which warrants immediate attention.

Government did indeed build RDP houses, but disturbingly, the people residing in these houses now have to incur debt to move their flush toilets outside because there is not enough water to flush, which poses a significant health risk.

Road infrastructure and maintenance remain a pressing problem in Limpopo. It is regrettable that even though Limpopo farmers are some of the largest producers of potatoes and various other fresh produce in the country, they also must shoulder the responsibility of maintaining roads.

The roads in urgent need of repair are:

R521 between Vivo and Alldays;
R572 between Alldays and Maasstroom;
R572 between Maasstroom and Swartwater;
R572 between Swartwater and Tom Burke;
R561 between Marken and Baltimore;
R510 between Northam and Koedoeskop; and
R573 between Marble Hall and Siyabushwa.

Despite the Premier’s remarks about “significant upgrades” and the construction of new medical facilities in the province, the FF Plus remains concerned about the condition of existing hospitals.

The party frequently receives complaints about it.

One of the complaints involves a hospital where a cell phone torch was used during a medical procedure and the patient was not given any anaesthesia.

The family could hear the patient crying where they were seated in the emergency waiting area.

Such treatment is inhumane. The patient’s family subsequently had to rush her to Gauteng to save her life as she was bleeding profusely.

Incidents such as this highlight the urgent need for improving healthcare in provincial hospitals.

It is absolutely vital for the province’s future to oust the ANC from power in the upcoming elections.

Time is running out for the ANC; and the FF Plus believes that the people of Limpopo will make the right choice to bring about positive change.



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