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De Lille sells out her voters

"Similar to the New National Party who had a "Short pants" figure who brought about the end of his party through incorporation with the ANC, the Good party now also has its own "Short skirt" who will usher in the end of her party as well," says Peter Marais, FF Plus MPL in the Western Cape.

Marais says Patricia de Lille, the new Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure, sold out the coloured voters who voted for her for a position with the ANC.

"This raises the question of whether she negotiated this move with the ANC while she participated in the election campaign as leader of Good. If that is the case, she owes every single person who voted for Good an explanation."

"De Lille is repeating the same pattern as the one she laid down with her previous party, the Independent Democrats (ID), which was founded after she broke away from the PAC in 2003.

"The ID vanished from the scene shortly afterwards when De Lille sacrificed her party, just like now, for a high position with the Democratic Alliance (DA).

"Voters who voted for Good in the recent elections did so precisely because they are looking for a political home where coloured people as a minority will be given a voice to defend their interests against the oppression of the majority of the ANC government.

"But now De Lille let them down and just like with the ID, she broke their trust by accepting a position in the Cabinet of the majority party. On top of that, expropriation without compensation will be driven by her department, thus, minorities will be pushed aside with regard to job opportunities, language and mother-tongue education.

"Voters must take note of this as well as the fact that their only other alternative is the FF Plus that already offers a political home to all the minorities in South Africa," Marais says.




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