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Freedom Front Plus

DA motion for early elections opportunist and strengthens Zuma

The Democratic Alliance’s (DA) proposed motion for early elections is opportunist, will not succeed and will only serve to strengthen Zuma. The outcome of the recent motion of no confidence showed that the ANC MP’s are willing to protect the party (ANC), despite dissatisfaction with Zuma and state capture, says Dr Pieter Groenewald, leader of the FF Plus.

According to Dr Groenewald, the DA must be careful or their behaviour might benefit and strengthen the Zuma faction within the ANC.

“Every time that Zuma survives a motion, it reinforces his support within the ANC because it creates the impression that he is a strong and invincible leader.

“In general, voters will also start to get discouraged because their expectation that Zuma will be oust is not met. As a result, voters may become apolitical and then they won’t vote in 2019 and that will be to the detriment of the opposition parties.

“The anti-Zuma faction now has to ensure that they get rid of Zuma and his followers in December seeing as it really is only the ANC that can get rid of Zuma. Otherwise, we might end up with Zuma as president until in 2019,” says Dr Groenewald.



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