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Begrotingsposdebat: Nasionale Tesourie / Budget vote debate: National Treasury


Minister, I used to say to Minister Gordhan that we understand he has an immensely difficult job. Given our junk-status circumstances, Minister, I can safely say that you have an impossible job.

The irony is that the damage that you have to fix is completely self-inflicted by your dear President Zuma. Upon the Cabinet reshuffle and your appointment, the President not only released the breaks on the train called, South Africa that was already running downhill, but finally dismantled all breaks that this train had.

Daarom is hierdie jaar se debat anders as die voriges. Voorheen het ek vir minister Gordhan advies gegee oor belangrike kwessies en ek kon sien dat hy wel luister. Maar hierdie jaar gaan ons nie enige advies gee oor hoe die staat se fondse gebruik moet word nie, want ons weet dat u geen ag daarop gaan slaan nie, minister.

We know that the captured Cabinet has already worked out its grand masterplan on what it intends to do with taxpayers’ and state pensioners’ money. We also know that you will push headlong into deeper bankruptcy despite the harm inflicted. We know that this Cabinet will thus implement the following, amongst others: the nuclear built programme; full-scale fracking in the Karoo; the unaffordable National Health Insurance; funding projects-for-pals from the GEPF Isibaya Fund; funding bankrupt parastatals like the SAA from the GEPF.

But we have to warn you Minister: every self-inflicted wound is a wound given to the people of this country. They are waking up and realizing this. Therefore, you will in future see how tax income will dwindle as people spontaneously rise up in revolt by both avoiding and evading tax. For who in their right mind would want to pay a cent to a captured elite that rules only for its own benefit and hides its true motives behind divisive and racist buzz words like ‘White Monopoly Capital”?

Sovêr dit enige vertroue in jou aangaan minister, is daar verskeie redes vir kommer. Ons weet alreeds dat die minister met ‘n gesplete tong praat as hy sê dat hy stabiliteit wil terugbring, want in die agtergrond hoor ons duidelik wat sy Marxistiese raadgewer, professor Malikane, se mening is.

And then there is the question about the Minister’s own honesty. The Minister stated in Parliament that S&P had decided to downgrade the country before he was appointed. But today we can state with certainty that this is not true. Here I have in my hand a letter from S&P confirming the date of their decision to downgrade as the 3rd of April, sometime after the Minister’s appointment. Therefore, the reshuffle did have a material impact on the downgrade-decision and is a clear signal that the markets are concerned. Given these facts, we have every reason to doubt your reassurances about fiscal policy.

Hierdie trein het geen brieke nie en julle gaan in 2019 ontspoor. Gelukkig is daar ‘n koalisie-trein wat gereed is om die land weer op die regte spoor te plaas.

Dankie Voorsitter.



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