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Freedom Front Plus

Without the political will to put a stop to corruption and ANC cadre deployment, new legislation is doomed to fail

Although the FF Plus supported the ratification of the Local Government: Municipal Systems Amendment Bill in Parliament yesterday, the party pointed out that the new law will be useless without the political will to implement it effectively.

The Bill aims to strengthen professionalism in municipalities by, among other things, implementing measures to prevent the politically motivated appointment of municipal officials.

The FF Plus added that the law will have to be implemented in a context of total lawlessness and decline of municipal service delivery in most ANC-controlled municipalities across the country.

This state of affairs is confirmed by consecutive annual reports by the Auditor-General (AG).

Despite this, no steps have been taken over the years to hold anyone accountable or to combat the increasing corruption and mismanagement.

There are various documented cases of honourable professional municipal officials being victimised for refusing to execute the unlawful agendas of ANC heads in municipalities.

This lawless environment in ANC municipalities has also made it nearly impossible for municipal officials to appoint competent, professional officials due to the fear of it damaging their own professional status and career.

It is a disgrace that legislation must be implemented to ensure professionalism, good work ethics and honourable service delivery to communities.

The ANC is reaping the bitter fruits of its race-based policy of cadre deployment, which is the direct cause of the implosion of municipal service delivery countrywide. The years of misleading voters and the blatant looting of these voters' tax money are starting to catch up with the ANC.

The FF Plus will keep fighting for better municipal service delivery, and against corruption, cadre deployment and the racially motivated ANC appointment policy.

South Africans deserve better than the ANC.



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