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Violence in Rustenburg unacceptable

Violent behaviour between taxi drivers and supposed Nigerian gangs in Rustenburg has reached a peak and it is time for the government to intervene because the police do not seem to be able to contain the violence, says De Wet Nel, FF Plus councillor in Rustenburg’s local municipality.

According to Nel, the violence broke out in the town’s central business district. Taxi drivers allege that the police are not doing their job and that gangs running various illegal operations, including drug and human trafficking, are allowed to do whatever they want.

Nel adds that according to some reports, innocent bystanders were injured and private property was damaged in the skirmish.

“In light of the present challenging economic climate, local businesses are taking a blow with the current anarchy in Rustenburg. We cannot allow members of the community and their property to be put in danger just because the police are apparently not capable of maintain law and order.

“If the police are truly unable to do what needs to be done, then a higher-level intervention is needed as the current state of affairs is simply unacceptable,” says Nel.


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