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Under ANC rule, decay has become the norm – drastic change is needed

(Debate in Parliament on the Division of Revenue Bill (Budget))

It may sound like a stuck record to say the same things – that there are serious problems at municipalities and that infrastructure is falling apart – year in and year out, but it must be said seeing as we have reached a point where people are suffering and even dying.

It is impossible to discuss the division of state revenue among the three spheres of government without referring to the condition of our local government.

People are dying because of the poor condition of our roads, hospitals and clinics. They are suffering because sewage plants are not functional and due to power and water shortages, the latter has been affecting residents in some towns for three years now.

The ANC government has now come up with the idea of the District Development Model, which will supposedly solve the municipal crisis. It is just like the “Back-to-Basics” model that was also presented as the miracle cure for the problem. But it did not work.

The District Development Model will fail because it is even more centralised than the current model, which is already impractical precisely because the decision-making about service delivery is so far removed from residents.

Shifting the blame and coming up with impractical plans to address municipal decay only make matters worse. This is the ANC's own doing. The problems were not caused by Covid-19 and the time that Apartheid could be blamed has long since passed.

Roads and waterworks are collapsing and due to incompetence, allocations are not spent and are, therefore, transferred back to the National Treasury. Year in and year out. On municipal as well as provincial level.

Large sums of the money that is "spent" are lost due to theft and corruption with cadre-contractors leading the band of looters.

Furthermore, money is wasted on trying to save enterprises that the ANC has already destroyed, like the SAA, Lank Bank etc. That is money that should have been used to stop the decay instead.

It is time for the ANC to do some serious introspection, because what is currently happening in the country is an absolute shame. The government with its poor policy is letting the people down.

It is time for a new government on all levels and with the local government elections taking place later this year, voters have the perfect opportunity to get rid of the ANC on municipal level.



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