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South Africa’s public health care service is terminally ill and the cause is not Covid-19

(Debate in parliament)

In the first place, the FF Plus wants to use this opportunity to thank South Africa's doctors, nurses and all health care workers for their selfless service in the fight against Covid-19.

It is tragic that the ANC government is failing these people and the country's health care services. South Africa's health care service is terminally ill and Covid-19 is not to blame. It was already busy dying even before the pandemic broke out.

South Africans cooperated patiently in Levels Four and Five of the national lockdown in response to the government's request that it needs time to prepare the country's health care services for the expected tsunami of patients who will need special medical care.

The government, however, let these people down by not making proper use of the important opportunity.

This is, sadly, corroborated by the fact that health care workers are currently striking due to a lack of equipment and a general shortage of doctors, nurses, ventilators, beds and medicine. The private health care sector was forced to step in to remedy the situation.

Worst of all, the ANC’s programmes are all riddled with corruption, incompetence and squandering. Some examples include the squandering of money on motorbikes when there is a shortage of properly equipped ambulances as well as the crisis with adequate quarantine facilities.

The key role that the private sector is fulfilling in the fight against the pandemic also highlights the insanity of ANC's plan to replace this highly functional sector with the National Health Insurance (NHI).

Under ANC control, it will eventually also collapse. The country will be left without any health care services and should a big health crisis break out, the consequences will be catastrophic.

And in the meantime, the government is drawing out the most stringent lockdown regulations on earth seemingly indefinitely against the advice of numerous medical experts; in this way, the government is creating a parallel crisis that has left the country's economy terminally ill and hundreds of people starving.

South Africans have reached a point where they will no longer comply with the lockdown regulations and where the implementation of more stringent measures in hot spots will result in public resistance and chaos.

We must now focus on the effective control and management of the virus in consultation with scientists, medical specialists and experts in the field to teach communities to implement pro-active preventative measures to ward off the infection.

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