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Solly Misimanga dishonest about e-toll

Solly Msimanga, the DA's premier candidate for Gauteng, is being opportunist and dishonest in saying that the DA will abolish the e-toll system in Gauteng when the party gains control of the province. Msimanga recently tweeted something to that affect.

The truth, however, is that only the national government has the authority to abolish e-toll. The provincial government – in this case, in Gauteng – can at most lodge a dispute with the national government regarding the matter and should that prove to be unsuccessful, the provincial government can take the matter further in court using state funds.

It is lamentable that the DA is trying to mislead the public in an attempt to score political points before the general elections that will take place later this year.

In order to overthrow the ANC in Gauteng at the polls – something that the FF Plus is working towards – the DA cannot do it all on its own, thus, the province will have to be governed by a coalition of political parties and the FF Plus will surely be a part of it.

When that happens, the FF Plus will take the lead in lodging a dispute with the national government. If the government refuses to respond to the request, the FF Plus will take things even further by taking the matter to court.

It is general knowledge that the FF Plus is the first party that started fighting the long battle against e-toll and the party will continue to fight back against this unconstitutional system until it is finally done away with.

This is all part of the FF Plus Fight Back campaign which will ultimately benefit everyone in South Africa.

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