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President Jacob Zuma confronted with the cruelty of farm attacks and murders

President Jacob Zuma is surrounded by bodyguards and is therefore unaware of the true extent of crime in South Africa. That is the reason why it was necessary for the President to be confronted with the reality of the terrible cruelty of farm attacks and murders, says Dr Pieter Groenewald, leader of the FF Plus.

Today during the question session, Dr Groenewald asked the President whether he would appoint an experienced expert, from the ranks of the police, as a Police Commissioner and whether that appointment would be based on merit or on political considerations, as has been the case since 1999.

He continued by asking the President if he was aware of the ‘uncomfortable truth’ regarding the cruelty of farm attacks and murders.

“Is the President aware of the fact that criminals use electric drills to drill holes in their victims’ legs and feet? Is he aware of the fact that victims are being burnt with hot irons?

“Is he aware of the fact that criminals pour boiling hot water over their victims and even down their victims’ throats?
Or that they cut off victims’ sexual organs and then proceed to boil and eat them?

“These uncomfortable truths are the reality of farm attacks and murders. Crime is getting out of hand and therefore it is imperative that the right person is appointed as Police Commissioner,” said Dr Groenewald.

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