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Freedom Front Plus

New FF Plus councillor in Rustenburg

The FF Plus's growth in the recent national and provincial elections also necessitated some changes in Rustenburg in the North West and Mr Abrie Rootman has been elected as the new councillor for the party in Rustenburg.

The position became vacant when Mr De Wet Nel moved to the provincial Legislature in North West.

Rootman is a familiar face in Rustenburg where he has been running a successful gas installation business for the past 12 years. He has been involved in the FF Plus's youth campaigns since 2007 and he has been serving on the FF Plus's party council in North West since 2015. Abrie and his spouse, Mrs Hannelie Rootman, are the proud parents of a son.

Rootman is a practical and helpful person who is passionate about his community. He lives out this passion by being involved in various charity organisations in Rustenburg. He is someone who truly wants to make a real difference in the town.

You are welcome to contact him if you have any queries or to report service delivery problems. His number is 066 173 3592 and his email address is rootmana@vfplus.org.za .

Contact details: 079 409 8342



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