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National lockdown: Ambiguity of regulations creates confusion and conflict

There are still numerous uncertainties about certain aspects of the regulations put forth to curb the spread of the coronavirus and the FF Plus will help to obtain more clarity in this regard. There are many grey areas in the regulations that allow for different interpretations.

The regulations pertaining to the agricultural sector are very unclear with regard to, among other things, livestock and the transport of goods to markets.

The uncertainty about transport has already caused problems and the FF Plus is aware of a case where the police threatened a farmer with arrest as a result of the lack of clear guidelines and proper communication.

There is also uncertainty about sole proprietorships that deliver essential services, but that are unable to register as a provider of essential services by means of the relevant online portal. It does not have an option for sole proprietorships that are not registered as a closed corporation or a company.

The FF Plus is putting pressure on the Departments of Trade and Industry and Agriculture in an attempt to clear up any misunderstandings so as to ensure that agricultural production, the provision of agricultural products and the delivery of essential services and products can continue unhindered.

This is of the utmost importance seeing as an apparent lack of food could result in unnecessary panic among the people. South Africa will not be able to function properly as long as the grey areas in the regulations are not clarified.

The situation naturally also creates uncertainty among members of the police and defence force who are tasked with enforcing the regulations. The current ambiguity creates space for incorrect interpretations of the regulations and it could lead to needless conflict with the public.

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