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Multiparty governments the solution to corruption, poor management and transgressions of authority

Multiparty governments are the only way to prevent corruption, poor management and transgressions of authority and to hold the government accountable, said Wouter Wessels, FF Plus MPL in the Free State Legislature, on Wednesday during a session of the House.

Wessels said that when a single party with the majority of votes governs, that party can do as it pleases without having to account to the people of South Africa.

“The ruling party is guilty of crime, corruption and gross transgressions of authority, like the case of the Vrede Dairy Project that cost more than R500 million and funded a Gupta wedding, but did not pay a single dime to its beneficiaries as well as the Ramkraal project, which saw the Free State Government paying R120 million for a Legislature building without getting anything in return – these are but a few of the examples, but they paint a clear picture of the majority’s transgressions.

“Multiparty governments, where the country is governed by coalitions with co-operative agreements, is the solution to South Africa’s problems of corruption and mismanagement.

“When a country is governed by various parties, of which none hold the majority seats, the parties will monitor one another. There will be much less transgressions of authority as no municipal council or legislature or parliament will be able to bulldoze though decisions that are based on the ruling party’s policy or ideology.

“A single ruling party will also not be able to protect its corrupt leadership if it doesn’t have a majority.

“South Africa is made up of a wonderful mix of different linguistic, cultural and religious communities. To truly carry out the spirit, scope and earmarks of the Constitution, the interests of these communities need to be counted as equally important by government. A party that only looks out for the majority, however, will not be able to do this,” said Wessels.


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