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Local government is ANC government’s biggest failure yet

(Debate in Parliament on the Division of State Revenue Amendment Bill)

The ANC government's single biggest failure is local government. Functional municipalities no longer exist and infrastructure has collapsed. And yet a bankrupt SAA is helped out countless times at the expense of service delivery.

One of the main causes of the failure is centralisation. It is human nature to eliminate the lower levels of power that are not functioning as they should and to take over control from the highest level. Centralisation is, however, not the right solution for the problems in local government.

Merging municipalities achieves the opposite of what was hoped for. Larger municipalities' financial positions and service delivery are deteriorating instead of improving.

A new model for local government is needed. One with smaller municipalities where service delivery is brought closer to the people.

Misguided priorities also play a significant role in the failure on local government level. An example is that the umpteenth financial lifeline was thrown out to the SAA at the expense of service delivery.

The ANC wastes no time to help the SAA staff, but leaves the people of South Africa, who are burdened with poor to no service delivery, to fend for themselves. The ANC government must take responsibility for the failure of the SAA, which requires one lifeline after another.

When it comes to service delivery, the ANC has no regard for the people of South Africa seeing as the money that is absolutely necessary to provide proper service delivery is channelled away to benefit the SAA staff.

And when it comes to sewage flowing down streets, dilapidated infrastructure, terrible healthcare services and inadequate security services – all of which are taking on disastrous proportions – the ANC is indifferent.

And in an attempt to cover up their failures, ANC politicians use hackneyed rhetoric, like white privilege. But it no longer works.

It is time for the government to stand up and admit that it has failed, that South Africa finds itself on the verge of fiscal ruin and that everyone must join hands and work together to get out of this mess.

The first thing that must be turned around is service delivery on local government level. Without it, South Africa will not survive economically.



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