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Lesufi is lying with regard to Afrikaans schools in Gauteng

Panyaza Lesufi, Gauteng Education MEC, is deliberately trying to mislead the public by saying that Afrikaans schools do still have a place in the province. His behaviour actually shows that he is planning quite the opposite,” says adv Anton Alberts, chairperson of the FF Plus.

Adv Alberts says the fact that Lesufi’s Department does have the budget to build additional schools to accommodate the rising number of learners and in so doing ensure mother-tongue education, but does not do it, is evidence enough that he only has one ideological goal and that is to eradicate single-medium Afrikaans schools.

“Lesufi says there needs to be inclusivity and that there is money to convert single-medium schools to double-medium schools. But he knows all too well that it is only a matter of time before the double-medium schools become completely anglicised.

“Lesufi must tell us why he is not willing to have talks with the Afrikaans-speaking community about schools in Gauteng. He is also refusing to talk to the FF Plus that represents a significant number of Afrikaans-speaking voters in Gauteng.

“He must also explain why the money that was allocated to build additional schools is not being used for that purpose. As a direct result, there is pressure on existing schools to accommodate learners that speak different languages. What is Lesufi doing with that money?

“He says that everyone has the right to receive an education, but the Constitution makes it very clear that mother-tongue education must be provided where possible. He has the money to put this into effect, but he is deliberately not doing it.

“He must explain why he is subservient to a colonial language that everyone living in South Africa, black and white alike, associate with oppression. The FF Plus will oppose his plans. What he is busy with is nothing but cultural extinction, which is prohibited by international law,” says adv Alberts.


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