Freedom Front Plus
Freedom Front Plus

Ideal of self-determination may not be undermined by rash behaviour

It is of the utmost importance that the ideals of self-determination and freedom are respected and that the possibility of undermining these ideals with rash behaviour is actively guarded against.

Even though the South African Constitution recognises the right to self-determination in Section 235 and even though international law makes provision for it, the right to self-determination and freedom may not become controversial topics as a result of rash attempts and steps that may taint these ideals.

It is more important for everyone in South Africa who strive to achieve these ideals to form a united front and to develop a strategy to make it a reality.

The FF Plus sympathises with King Calvin khoebaha Cornelius III of the Khoisan’s pursuit of territorial self-determination. His voice joins a wider choir of voices calling for freedom and self-determination in the Western, Northern and Eastern Cape, which is growing stronger by the day and which should be welcomed.

The FF Plus supports everyone’s pursuit of self-determination, which is growing stronger by the day as minority groups, as well as the wider public, have had a rude awakening and have come to realise that the current dispensation have come to nothing, but a tyranny run by the majority.

The present ANC government has only offered cheap lip service over the last 24 years with regard to recognising the diversity and differences in South Africa.

It is the FF Plus that made sure that Section 235, which makes provision for self-determination, was included in the South African Constitution. The FF Plus is the only political party in the South African Parliament that strives to ensure self-determination for minorities in the country.

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