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Gwede Mantashe comments borders on the blasphemous

The repeated statements of ANC leaders that their party and membership can be equated with Christianity and salvation, can no longer be tolerated, Adv. Anton Alberts, the Freedom Front Plus’ parliamentary spokesperson on economic affairs said.

“Earlier comments such as, that the ANC will govern until the return of Jesus Christ and that ANC membership will bring salvation, was equally distasteful.

According to Adv. Alberts, it is shocking that a political organization such as the ANC could appropriate a Biblical and Christian status for itself.

“With its history as a terror organization up the present time where, as the governing party, it has become synonymous with corruption, fraud, the lust for power and public chaos, it is clear that the ANC is making a mistake with its comments.

“Under the party’s reign crime, violence and murder have become out of control. Social values have declined. Economically the country is being greatly harmed by affirmative action.

“The comments of Mantashe borders on the blasphemous. Leaders of the country’s largest Christian church groups have also expressed their dissatisfaction with the comments to the FF Plus and have distanced themselves from the statements.

“The ANC, without a doubt, will be paying a price for comments such as these and the disrespect and contempt its leaders are displaying for every Christian in South Africa.

“It is indicative of the ANC rule of nearly twenty years which has become like a tree of which the roots have died completely and its fruit has become rotten.

“Constructive criticism against the ANC and its leaders come from a public which is no longer prepared to be governed into the abyss. To intimidate critics in this manner, shows how morally bankrupt the organization is,” Adv. Alberts says.



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