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FF Plus’s hard work and unwavering opposition to expropriation without compensation pays off

The FF Plus's unwavering stance and hard work to oppose the ANC and EFF's attempts to amend Section 25 of the Constitution contributed greatly to the strong vote with which South Africans today finally rejected expropriation without compensation.

The votes that were cast before the second reading debate, 204 for and 145 against the Bill to amend the Constitution, echo the message that voters conveyed to the ANC on the 1st of November with the local government elections: The ruling party no longer speaks on behalf of the majority of South Africans.

Seeing as this was an attempt to amend the Bill of Rights in the Constitution, a two-thirds (2/3) majority of 267 votes was needed. The ANC did not even come close.

On top of that, the preceding procedural process to establish the law was – in true incompetent ANC fashion – riddled with irregularities. All the way from the parliamentary oversight committee through to the two ad-hoc committees.

It contributed to the fact that the process was needlessly drawn out since 2018, which caused great uncertainty among South Africans and potential investors.

During that time, approximately 75% of all South Africans voiced their objection to the amendment of Section 25 and expropriation without compensation in numerous public participation processes and submissions as well as in Parliament.

The reason for the opposition against the amendment process is simple. Property rights form an integral part of internationally recognised human rights. To do away with it would result in economic collapse and ultimately, destroy the country.

The ANC knew all too well that expropriation without compensation is nothing but confiscation and, so, it tried to sugar-coat the notion with applying euphemistic wordplay, like "null compensation", to property.

Nobody fell for it, though, least of all the majority in South Africa's Parliament.

The government would do well to seriously reflect on what is the best international practice when it comes to property rights. All successful countries guarantee property rights and the rule of law.

The FF Plus shares in the joy of all right-minded South Africans and celebrates the fact that common sense prevailed in a matter that was doomed to end in disaster.

Expropriation without compensation would without a doubt have put South Africa on a path headed straight for disaster, just like Zimbabwe.




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