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Freedom Front Plus

FF Plus project for business owners: Take control of your own future after Covid-19

The FF Plus is launching its post-Covid-19 project today that will enable business owners to contribute to creating a new trade climate for the future by sharing their input.

Business owners must carefully consider what they want from the future after Covid-19, which will inevitably bring about the beginning of a new business and trade era in South Africa.

It is time to create a sustainable business and trade climate that is accessible to everyone. It is time to make use of local expertise and develop new skills.

Local and community-based economies must be promoted and developed as opposed to the centralist business and trade environment that has been predominant up until now.

The time has come to create a favourable business climate without the obstacles of racial discrimination, state capture, poor governance and corruption. The government must urgently make policy adjustments to stimulate the economy.

Business owners can send their input to postc19@vfplus.org.za. For more information on this, please visit www.vfplus.org.za.

The FF Plus will hand your input over to the Minister of Trade, Industry and Competition, Mr Ebrahim Patel, so as to contribute to a new and improved business climate in South Africa.

Contact details: 082 466 3786 / 062 391 1804



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