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FF Plus previously pointed out Lesufi’s political aspirations

The FF Plus has already pointed out that Panyaza Lesufi, Gauteng MEC for Education, has aspirations to move up higher in the political structures of the ANC and maybe even to one day become a minister in the Cabinet by, over the last four years, regularly targeting Afrikaans schools in Gauteng and accusing them of racism. He also interfered with schools’ governing body decisions.

The most recent incident is still fresh in the memory of the people in Gauteng as violence erupted at Overvaal High School in Sedibeng after Lesufi was defeated in the High Court when he tried to force the school to become anglicised by admitting English-speaking learners.

Over the last four years, Lesufi targeted no less than 60 Afrikaans schools in the province by trying to force them to become double medium. It became so bad that the FF Plus asked the Gauteng Premier, Mr David Makhura, to remove Lesufi as MEC.

The FF Plus also reported the matter to the police and is currently busy charging Lesufi with the violation of Section 29 of the Constitution, which deals with educational matters.

Lesufi’s political aspirations have been evident for quite some time now and the ANC in Gauteng’s leadership election that took place last weekend has confirmed it. Over the weekend, Lesufi was elected as the Deputy Chairperson of the ANC in Gauteng.

The FF Plus is convinced that Lesufi would not have been elected if he had not openly criticised Afrikaans schools. So, the FF Plus was right all along, Lesufi only targeted Afrikaans schools over the last four years to boost his image in the media so that he could be elected to a higher position in the ANC.

Earlier this month, Lesufi also said that the ANC must enter into a working relationship with the latest political movements, including the EFF and Black First Land First. He said that working relationships between the ANC and other socialist political parties was inevitable.

Lesufi also tried to make his mark with the on-going process regarding expropriation without compensation by saying that he hates racism with a passion. His attitude towards Afrikaans schools, however, proves quite the opposite.

The FF Plus is of the opinion that Lesufi is jeopardising mother-tongue education for all language groups and that he will abuse his new position of power to target schools and interfere in their functioning on an even larger scale. The FF Plus previously pointed out that Lesufi is driving the EFF’s political agenda in the Gauteng Legislature and his recent statements have shown their warning to be true.

If Lesufi remains in the position of MEC for Education in Gauteng for the remaining 10 months, the FF Plus expects trouble ahead and predicts that decisive action will have to be taken against him if need be.

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