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Freedom Front Plus

FF Plus negotiates and brings relief with Matlosana accounts

There is light at the end of the long, dark tunnel for consumers with outstanding or erroneous municipal accounts in the Matlosana Local Municipality.

The municipality that delivers services to Orkney, Stilfontein, Hartebeesfontein and Klerksdorp has decided to suspend the 70/30 policy for one month in order to enable consumers to get up to date with their unpaid bills, specifically those that are outstanding due to erroneous accounts that were issued.

The FF Plus also negotiated the following on behalf of the Matlosana consumers:

All interest on outstanding accounts will be written back to the beginning of the current financial year, which commenced on 1 July 2017.

The electricity and water supply of consumers who are not more than two months behind with their payments to the municipality will not be cut off until the end of May 2018.

Consumers whose municipal accounts are in arrears due to the fact that they did not receive accounts or received erroneous accounts, will be able to enter into payment agreements with the municipality.

Payment agreements will entail the relaxation of the rules; a deposit will be payable after which the balance can be repaid over a specified period of time.

The invoicing cycle will be restored, which means that consumers will receive accounts on a regular basis.


The FF Plus wants to emphasise that these arrangements will only apply until the end of May 2018 and that all accounts still outstanding at that time will be charged interest retrospective from July 2017 and then the normal procedures for debt collection will also apply.

The FF Plus also requested that all the tellers must be operative every day for the next two months and that an information and help desk must be set up to assist consumers who have queries and problems with their accounts.

The FF Plus invites all consumers who still feel that their accounts are erroneous to contact the party’s provincial offices at (018) 484-1086.


Contact details: 079 409 8342







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