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FF Plus has been advocating the necessity of the current lockdown model for a long time, however, some measures are not rational

The ANC government is finally implementing the lockdown model that the FF Plus has been advocating, which aims to both limit the spread of the Covid-19 virus and protect the economy.

This announcement could, however, have been made earlier as millions of people have already made their arrangements for the holidays.

The FF Plus's view of how to best deal with Covid-19 has always been to follow a differentiated approach, to strictly enforce the necessary health and safety measures and that implementing a hard lockdown is unnecessary.

The ANC government's absolute lockdown model has done immense damage to the economy, which in turn, resulted in great job losses.

It is a reality that the virus is spreading fast and that we currently find ourselves in a second wave of infections.

Nevertheless, it is irrational to close all the beaches in the Eastern Cape and the Garden Route so late in the festive season. The beaches should only have been closed on days that are traditionally very busy – as is the case for KwaZulu Natal.

The announcement will cause major disruption for many holidaymakers. The ban on the consumption of alcohol on beaches is welcomed as it is a rational restriction.

Furthermore, it does not make sense that screening is no longer done at airports.

The FF Plus does not support the fact that the protocol of collecting personal information and screening for symptoms was suspended just before the festive season commenced.

The Covid-19 virus is a reality that is taking lives and, therefore, all the necessary health and safety measures and protocols must be enforced. This must, however, be done while balancing the economy and people's safety.




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