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FF Plus condemns Gauteng government’s withholding of a service licence for Tshwane ambulance services

The FF Plus condemns the Gauteng government's withholding of a service licence for the ambulance services of the Tshwane Metro.

It is scandalous and goes to show that the provincial government and administrators do not care for the people of the Metro.

In addition, the Gauteng Department of Health did not pay a single cent to the Tshwane Metro's ambulance services in the form of subsidies for the past 18 months. And yet the Metro continued to serve the public.

The withholding of the service licence is the last straw that might break the camel's back. Although the Gauteng Department of Health does offer an ambulance service to the Metro, it is not nearly enough to meet Tshwane residents' need for ambulance services.

The Gauteng Department of Health could have issued the same licence that it issued to private ambulance services to the Tshwane Metro as well.

This denial of the ambulance service licence could not have come at a worst time seeing as the number of Covid-19 cases in the Tshwane Metro and Gauteng is increasing drastically. In light of this, the Gauteng government's conduct is clearly irrational and reckless.

It also proves that the ANC government in Gauteng and its unlawful administrators do not care for the people of Pretoria and the surrounding areas. They must be removed as soon as possible.

The FF Plus will urgently engage with the provincial Department of Health to address and resolve the issue.

Contact details: 083 448 9473



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