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Failure at local government biggest of all ANC failures: Second Reading debate in parliament: Local Government: Municipal Structures Amendment Bill

The miserable failure of South Africa's municipalities will be remembered as the biggest of all the ANC's failures since its inauguration in 1994.

The reason for this failure is the fact that the ANC does not comply with legal prescriptions. Government regards laws as mere guidelines. This can be seen in the daily actions of councillors, mayors and speakers in council meetings which are often illegal because legal requirements are not met.

The Municipal Structures Amendment Bill is therefore useless as it will not be implemented. The code of conduct for councillors is positive, but no one will pay attention to it. The ANC is only interested in deploying more cadres to pillage the taxpayer.

The second major reason for local failure is the ANC's ideological need to centralize everything under their control. The president recently said there should be fewer provinces. This is wrong. There must be even more provinces in order to bring service delivery closer to the people.

Many of the proposed amendments to the law are important to the ANC only because it cannot trust its own appointed municipal managers to do their job.

Officials are being appointed for political reasons, and now that factions are being formed, the ANC has major problems. The ANC is going to pay an expensive price for their failure at local government level. This is where people are suffering, where sewage flows in the streets and where people suffer from poor service delivery.

The public must fight back against the poor performance of the ANC and can do so on 8 May by giving their vote to the FF Plus which will ensure that service delivery at a local level becomes a priority again.

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