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Eskom: Bethal residents have to bear the consequences of municipal maladministration

It came to the FF Plus's attention that the frequent load shedding in Bethal is the result of a substation that cannot supply enough electricity to meet the demand of Bethal as well as Emzinoni, a town adjacent to Bethal. There are six power outages every day.

During an online Portfolio Committee meeting to discuss the matter, Eskom representatives said that due to the Govan Mbeki Municipality's outstanding debt of R1,7 billion, the supplier is not willing to increase the output of the substation.

The situation is unacceptable and the Municipality's actions are an insult to Bethal residents who regularly pay their accounts, but who now have to suffer due to other people and the Municipality's non-payment.

The ANC must realise that there is a real problem in Bethal and must urgently take action against those who make use of illegal connections and defaulters. Outstanding debt must be collected and the fruitless expenditure of public funds must be stopped.

The FF Plus insists that the Municipality and the Department must answer for this. Law-abiding citizens who pay their accounts must not suffer due to the non-payment of others and the Municipality.

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