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Covid-19 crisis in Gauteng: ANC exploiting crisis and, thus, the dragon must be slain

(Member’s statement in Gauteng Legislature)

Today in a member’s declaration, the FF Plus accused the ANC of exploiting the Covid-19 crisis to establish a socialist regime and, thus, it has also breached the social contract with the people that it is governing.

The ANC's absolute refusal to assist white-owned businesses in Gauteng despite the fact that most of their employees are black as well as the references that many of the Gauteng ANC MECs made to the beliefs of the socialist philosopher Amilcar Cabral – that, for example, the new middle class (in this case, black people) must commit suicide and forgo their privilege – serves as proof.

The ultimate result of all of this will be a state where everyone is equally poor and totally dependent on the government.

The FF Plus went on by mentioning the philosopher Thomas Hobbes's view of the state as the Leviathan, which represents some kind of dragon or snake.

This animal can supposedly be used to protect a group of people against anarchy by means of a social contract. Seeing as the ANC is no longer acting in the best interests of the public, the Leviathan has instead degenerated into an oppressive monster and it deserves to be slain.

The ANC's mala fides are further demonstrated by its blatant disregard for policies that have proven to work well in countries such as South Korea, Singapore and Mauritius. It is, therefore, abundantly clear that the ANC is reckless in its governing of Gauteng and it must finally be defeated with the elections in 2021 and 2024.

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