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Conditions at North West’s Covid-19 isolation unit unacceptable

The FF Plus is concerned about the wellbeing of persons who were placed in forced isolation at the Klerksdorp / Tshepong Hospital Complex by the North West Department of Health.

Various complaints have been received about the poor and uncontrolled conditions in which people are being held in isolation. The complaints include dirty toilet and bathing facilities and a generally unhygienic environment. The ward where the people were placed has not had running water since Wednesday the 5th of April and they are, thus, forced to use the toilet and bathing facilities of other wards.

After the FF Plus's member of the Provincial Legislature in the North West brought these complaints to the attention of the province's MEC for Health, Madoda Sambatha, he responded by confirming that contractors have been appointed to do the necessary repairs to restore the water supply.

Further complaints include that there are no sanitising agents available. There is apparently also no control over the movement of people in and around the isolation unit.

Hospital staff are not wearing masks or gloves and also do not adhere to the prescribed social distancing regulations. These measures apparently only apply to the persons in forced isolation.

Thus far, none of the isolated persons have officially tested positive for the Covid-19 virus. Some are waiting for the results of their tests, while others have not even been tested yet.

Even though the persons have requested to be placed in self-isolation under proper hygienic conditions, the hospital refused.

This situation is absolutely unacceptable. Although the number of Covid-19 cases in the province is still relatively low, the North West Department of Health must ensure that the province is in a professional state of readiness.

The conditions at the Klerksdorp / Tshepong Hospital Complex, which was officially earmarked as the North West province's isolation unit, clearly do not comply with the required standards and safety measures.
The FF Plus will keep monitoring the situation.

Contact details: 082 645 0537



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