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Clive Derby-Lewis’ failed parole application points to political considerations and double standards

Political considerations and double standards had without a doubt played a decisive role in the government’s decision on the parole application of Clive Derby-Lewis, Dr. Pieter Mulder, leader of the FF Plus says.

Dr. Mulder says amnesty had in the past been granted to people such as Robert McBride who had murdered numerous innocent people with a bomb attack at the Magoo's Bar in Durban and the PAC members who had murdered innocent churchgoers in Cape Town.

“They were all given amnesty because the Interim Constitution stated: ‘The opportunity exists now to put it (the abuses of the past) right on the basis that there is a need for understanding and not for vengeance, a need for repair and not for retribution, a need for humanity and not victimisation.’

That is why these attackers received amnesty for acts committed with a political motive,” Dr. Mulder says.

Mr. Michael Masutha, minister of Justice and Correctional Services, in the ‘spirit of nation building and reconciliation’ approved the parole application of Eugene de Kock, who legally qualified for it.

Dr. Mulder said the FF Plus welcomes De Kock’s release against the background of other people who had been given amnesty.

He said that regarding Derby-Lewis, the minister had consistently made it clear that he could only make recommendations on the basis of the documents and facts which are handed to him. Yet, the minister, who acknowledged himself that he is not a medical doctor, decided to veto the recommendations of the medical experts of the parole board.

Dr. Mulder said it was a pity that the nice words and promise of the post-amble of the 1993 Interim Constitution has become hollow and holds no meaning for the governing ANC today.


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