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Chaos at Parliament is part of Malema’s planned recipe for a revolution

The perception now being created that the EFF is the only party who is concerned about the Nkandla abuses is totally wrong and Malema’s actions had taken away other party’s opportunities to call the president to order, Dr. Corné Mulder, chief whip of the FF Plus, said.

According to Dr. Mulder, the EFF yesterday purposefully abused yesterday’s question time to pursue his self-acknowledged strategy of bringing the revolution to Parliament. He is participating in the system to destroy it from the inside. He said that during the fourth Parliament, even before the EFF had come to Parliament, there had already been an ad-hoc committee on Nkandla where opposition parties had asked the exact same questions that are now being broadcasted just because it is done in an anarchistic manner.

“The Speaker yesterday also did not act biasedly against Malema which is now being alleged and merely held the EFF to the parliamentary rules concerning questions asked in Parliament.

“In terms of the rules, four supplementary questions may be asked after the president had given his initial answer. Those follow-up questions should be directly related to and flow from the initial question and reply. A totally new question can merely not be slipped in, in this manner as it will be ruled out of order, as had been the case yesterday with Malema.

“The initial question of Malema to the president was when he would be replying to the reports as he had undertaken. This question was drafted and submitted before the president had responded to the reports.

“The effect of this was that the EFF’s question had become irrelevant. The EFF should have approached the questions office to amend their question to keep it relevant. This was not done. That is why the supplementary question was out of order and the Speaker would have been able to technically rule it out of order.

“She had however still allowed the question and permitted the president to give a reply to it. The EFF however refused to accept the response and chaos ensued,” Dr. Mulder said.

He also cautioned people to be careful and to guard against their disapproval of president Zuma, his behaviour and the ANC’s actions, causing them to play into the hands of Malema and the EFF’s revolutionary agenda to destroy the democratic regime.

“This is precisely what has happened. With the EFF’s media conference following the events, Malema said the following: ‘We are not here for rules. We are here to pursue the revolution’.

Regarding the Speaker’s actions during the disorderliness, Dr. Mulder said it was a mistake to adjourn Parliament for the rest of the day.

It is unacceptable and wrong that 25 members of Parliament, for whichever reason, are allowed to put a stop to the work of the institution.

“The Speaker’s initial adjournment of the Assembly was correct, as well as her instruction that the security personnel should remove the EFF from the National Assembly Hall. That is what should have been done. Parliament should thereafter have continued as per normal to call the president to account in terms of his scheduled question and reply session in Parliament. This did not occur now.

“The physical removal of the EFF was necessary. When a party with revolutionary objectives abuse the democratic process, which is clearly the strategy of the EFF, the democratic order has no other choice to put measures in place to protect the dispensation,” Dr. Mulder says.


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