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Budget vote debate in parliament: Department of Water and Sanitation – Water security in South Africa may not be jeopardised by political preferences

There is a lot of truth to the statement that in future, wars will not be fought over land, but over water. For that reason, the FF Plus considers the Department of Water and Sanitation as the most important governmental department.

And yet the ANC government is willing to risk water security in the water-scarce South Africa for the sake of political preferences.

Israel is the world’s expert in the field of desalination. They have visited South Africa and offered their help and expertise, but due to political convictions, their offer was refused. Politics should be subordinate to the water needs of South Africa and its people.

What is the Department doing to ensure that our most valuable source of life is conserved? When one considers the slimes dam at Khuma in the Matlosana Local Municipality district (Hartbeesfontein, Klerksdorp, Orkney, Stilfontein), the answer is that clearly not much is being done.

This vast slimes dam has spilled over directly into the Vaal River twice. On Google one can see that the stream of sludge is just as large as where the Koekemoer Spruit runs into the Vaaldam. This is also situated above the waterworks that supply the entire Matlosana area with water. The FF Plus lodged complaints about it with the Green Scorpions, but nothing was done about it.

The Minister (Gugile Nkwinti) spoke about the importance of cooperation between the Department, individuals and private institutions. When something, like the slimes dam at Khuma, is planned the community does indeed voice their opinions and raise objections.

Because of that, the slimes dam was initially not approved by the Department. And yet later, the dam was built and now the community has to suffer the damaging consequences. The government must pay attention to the public’s input and act accordingly.

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