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Britain’s R858 million must be spent as follows

President Cyril Ramaphosa should use Britain’s donation of R858 million to South Africa to address the issues hampering the country’s economy.

South Africa will only attract foreign investment if the government creates a climate of investment security and economic growth.

Service delivery, safety and security, efficient financial management and infrastructure upkeep and development are important factors considered by foreign investors when they weigh up investment possibilities.

It is, therefore, important that the president must first get South Africa’s economy and governmental structures in order so as to boost foreign investment confidence.

The FF Plus is of the opinion that Britain’s donation must be used for:


Rural Safety (R200 million)

At present, rural safety is a socio-economic headache for South Africa with farm murders and crime being out of control.

The FF Plus has fought to have farm murders declared a priority crime for quite some time now. With these funds at South Africa’s disposal, the Minister of Police should establish a specialist unit that will focus specifically on rural safety.

By making funds available for rural safety, the government will also protect its bread basket by creating a safe environment where producers can ensure food security.


Eskom (R150 million)

Even though the privatisation of Eskom and sound financial management, with the aim of having Eskom function as a profit-driven company, are important for the growth of South Africa’s economy, the present state of affairs at the electricity supplier is a real cause for concern.

Money must be made available to bail Eskom out of its financial crisis as electricity is crucial for the country’s economy and society.

The money should, however, be earmarked for infrastructure upkeep and improvement only. It may not be used to pay officials’ salaries and bonuses.


Water Boards (R150 million)

Municipalities’ outstanding debt to water boards amounts to R11 billion at present. It is important that municipalities function as state entities that are less dependent on national funding and that generate and manage their own income.

Even so, money can be made available to the department to help settle debts to water boards; with the understanding that the money must be used to improve existing infrastructure so that leakages in particular can be repaired more effectively.

It is very important that debt collection mechanisms are implemented at water boards and municipalities and that expert officials are appointed.


Higher Education (R200 million)

At present, South Africa is spending a lot of money to have students educated abroad.

The government should rather focus on the development and expansion of our own programmes and curricula so that students can be educated locally.

The funds must be used for the education of students who are selected based on merit, with the understanding that their expertise will be used in and for the benefit of South Africa.


Transnet Pension Fund (R100 million)

To stimulate the economy, the president could pay out the money due to Transnet pensioners.

The pension fund has effectively failed people who contributed loyally for years and, therefore, it is only fair that the government should compensate these people by making the specified amount available.

It will stimulate the economy by giving the pensioners greater financial independence.

The funds may, however, not be used to pay official’s salaries and bonuses. It may only be used to bring the pensioners some relief.


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