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Belgians visit South Africa to find out more about white poverty and farm attacks

A group of businessmen from Belgium visited South Africa this past week in order to learn more about white poverty and farm murders that eat at the country like a cancer.

This group, which is not a political organisation in Belgium, decided of their own accord to launch an awareness campaign in Europe so as to inform the people of Europe of what is actually happening to the minorities in South Africa, for instance, that Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) and other racist legislation plunged white South Africans into poverty over the last 24 years and how farmers are attacked and murdered.

This delegation approached the FF Plus and over the course of this past week the party’s MPL in Gauteng, Mr Philip van Staden, and the subleader of the province, councillor Kobus Hoffman, showed them what white poverty looks like in the West of Pretoria, in the Meyerton region as well as in white informal settlements in the West Rand, Gauteng. (Photos accompanying).

Victims who survived farm attacks in the province also spoke with the Belgians to drive home the cruelty and violence of these attacks. The farm attack victims told the delegation that their attackers would constantly shout things like: “We are going to kill you! You stole our land! You will be taught a lesson!”

The visitors were extremely shocked by what they saw and experienced and decided to launch an intensive campaign to inform the European public of the state of affairs in South Africa. Later this year, a larger delegation will do a follow-up visit.

The FF Plus will cooperate with the businessmen to offer support to the victims of farm attacks and to relieve poverty in South Africa. The FF Plus has recently paid numerous visits to Europe, America and Australia in order to inform the international community of the poverty and murders, both on farms and in urban regions. The FF Plus will not cease its international actions and will keep launching and supporting awareness campaigns abroad.

Contact details:
Philip van Staden MPL – 060 556 4347
Cllr. Kobus Hoffman – 071 6407283



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