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ANC’s court application against Tshwane city council is pure opportunism and sour grapes

The ANC's application to the court to set aside the Tshwane City Council meeting of 27 September is nothing but pure opportunism and sour grapes because the coalition government succeeded in thwarting the ANC's attempt to bring the Council to a fall in the last council meeting.

In the council meeting held on the 27th of September 2018, the ANC's motion of no confidence in the mayor failed and the coalition government, in which the FF Plus is the second largest party, came out stronger on the other side.

The FF Plus supports the City Council in opposing the court application and confirms its commitment to the coalition government. We may not allow the ANC to regain control of Pretoria ever again.

The ANC's court application is a desperate attempt to save face after the failed motion of no confidence and it is also aimed at creating an opportunity to table a similar motion sooner than the rules of order allow.

The ANC is simply trying to regain its dignity by approaching the court so that the court can do what the party was unable to do in the political arena.

That goes to show that the ANC is a desperate party whose money taps of patronage have been tightly closed by the anti-corruption coalition government.

The court application will most probably also drive a wedge between the ANC and the EFF in Pretoria as the latter was accused in great detail of being part of the problem; on the one hand, because the EFF did not support the ANC's motion of no confidence and on the other hand, because the EFF's agreement with the DA keeps the coalition government in control. In the court application, the ANC refers to the DA and the EFF as a married couple maintaining a corrupt status quo.

The FF Plus hopes that the ANC's application to the court will be unsuccessful and that the coalition government will be able to continue cleaning up the mess that the ANC made while it was in charge of the city.

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