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ANC repeating the mistakes of the past

**NOTE TO JOURNALISTS: Here follow excerpts from the speech delivered today by FF Plus MPL, Tammy Wessels, in the Free State Legislature during the budget vote debate of the Free State Treasury.


The ANC is repeating the past mistakes of governments that upheld socialism, megalomania and scapegoat politics and destroyed their countries’ economy as well as the people in the process.

The Free State Treasury is trying its utmost to stimulate the Free State economy so that it can grow, but the MEC and her team are being sabotaged by her own party’s reckless and rash statements.

Just like when the Soviet Union targeted the commercial farmers (Kulaks) of Ukraine and Kazakhstan under Stalin’s rule and thus brought about full-scale famine, the ANC is now repeating the same mistake.

The ANC government must stop making inflammatory remarks about land, property and the expropriation thereof. It only serves to impede commercial agriculture and the development of the business sector and it will have a devastating effect not only on the Free State economy, but also on South Africa’s.

The ruling party must instead offer support to commercial and emerging farmers as well as to the private sector so as to promote job creation.

Free State municipalities must be turned around. The lack of service delivery and upkeep of infrastructure have a direct negative influence on the productivity of the Free State’s private sector and industries. No attempts at facilitating economic growth will be successful while the municipalities remain in the state that they are in.

It is time to fight back against the ANC’s oppression. It is time to fight for a new and better dispensation.

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