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ANC government lets wolves of financial destruction loose on South African taxpayers

The more the ANC fails in executing its mandate as government, the greater the burden becomes on taxpayers to shoulder the responsibility amid a shrinking economy.

This is evident from the replies provided this morning to questions by the FF Plus to the Minister of Finance, Enoch Godongwana.

The questions related to, among other things, Eskom's expenditure on diesel and the fact that the power utility is paying ordinary fuel levies on it to keep the country's lights on.

The FF Plus wanted to know whether Eskom could be exempted from paying these fuel levies.

The reply that Mr Chris Alexon from the National Treasury (NT) provided on behalf of the Minister indicated that Eskom does indeed get a partial discount of 50% on the general fuel levy.

The FF Plus is of the opinion that the general levy must be totally scrapped, like the RAF levy.

Imposing a levy makes no sense seeing as government must frequently bail Eskom out of overdue debt in any case. It would also help to alleviate Eskom's burden as regards its operating expenses.

The FF Plus also enquired whether there would be any tax relief for expenses incurred by the public to ensure their property and their own safety.

With the Budget, tax relief was announced for the installation of solar panels. Seeing as crime is just as big a problem affecting the country, it would only be fair to make a concession in that regard as well.

The Minister's reply was that there are no funds available to provide tax relief for security-related expenses. In his view, the available funds must rather be used to appoint new police officers.

The Minister even said that taxpayers must "demand value for their money". Ironically enough, that is the one thing that South African taxpayers do not get.

This reply must be seen against the backdrop of the private security industry overshadowing the police force regarding manpower.

According to Businesstech (16 November 2021); “How many security guards vs police in South Africa”), statistics by the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA) indicates the real extent of the crime problem in the country.

According to the report, there were 2,4 million registered security officers in the country last year, 565 540 of which were actively working, and 11 370 registered security companies.

In contrast, there were just over 180 000 officers in the police force.

The enormous security industry is extremely advantageous to the government for several reasons: The industry creates jobs and government benefits from its stimulation of the economy.

This situation is, however, unacceptable. It comes down to government protecting the wolves devouring the flock, while these supposed shepherds are also sitting at the dining table.

It is time for a government that believes in delivering value for tax money and serving all the country's people.



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